About TRPro.com

TRPro.com was established in 1997 by Tami Rice and is a motorsports marketing and promotion company within (but not limited to) the motorsports industry. With over 40 years experience, she has developed TRPro.com in such a way as to provide the maximum exposure to her clients.

Tami is committed to providing personal assistance for racers traveling to the US as well. This support includes help with travel logistics, motorcycles, and publicity in America. She has helped many international riders over the years.

Domain name registration, website design and web hosting are also available. Whether it be a full site for your company or an on-line individual resume, she'll help you get the Internet to work for you.

In addition, Tami can produce an attractive race/competition resume that one can use to promote his/herself. Such a resume is useful in securing sponsors for the upcoming seasons.

tami's strengths

Tami's strengths are what set her apart from her competitors. Tami know that people have a huge amount of choice when choosing an outsourcing company, but what makes her better than everyone else?

One of Tami's core strengths is her enthusiastic and motivated personality as she never sleeps, such is her dedication to her client projects.  From her network partners bringing new outlooks to the technology, to the experience of the project managers, she brings together her knowledge and understanding of the industry to help her clients with their marketing needs.  It is a fine blend of skills which produce exceptional results.

Tami doesn't see her client projects as a one way process, rather it is about building relationships with people and other companies and finding out ways to help one another.

Over the years, Tami's interactions with customers from around the world have given her unique insights to the business practices of companies around the world. She use this information to improve your project.

Why choose TRPro.com?

Objectivity is the hallmark of Tami's service. When selecting a marketing company, you need to have confidence that they are always doing what’s right for you… and not what may be convenient for them.


At TRPro.com, Tami is going to tell you how it is and then, she will stick to it. She keeps upfront honesty as a standard.


Unlike other companies, Tami is not set in her ways and she is happy to adapt to the needs of her clients. If you have a special way of doing things, she is on board!

tami loves what she does...

One of the most important reasons that Tami loves what she does is she puts her whole heart into a project and makes sure that it lives up to her personal high standards.

TRPro.com is a motorsports marketing and motorsports promotion company.

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